생일축하합니다 김효빈!
Happy birthday to Kim Hyobin

aurtora asked: It's the button text to 'follow' and 'dashboard' in the right upper corner :)

Honestly nothing is there i can even screenshot xD is there any other way we can communicate tumblr doesn’t seem to like me :(

posted 1 week ago

aurtora asked: It's okay, you couldn't do anything about it since it was tumblr's fault. But yea in those messages I told something about myself and suggest something we could do on the blog. So could you send me (to this blog) a fan mail so i can reply to that and write a longer message, because I can't find a fanmail button you your blog?

Sorry i’m really bad at tumblr T__T been away from here for far to long. How do i send a fanmail? i looked on your blog but i’m not sure

posted 1 week ago

aurtora asked: Hi Jordan, have you gotten any of my messages? I've sent you a few as the blog two-thousand-won but I haven't got any replies so I assume that now that you are a member, tumblr won't send messages to your main blog from a blog you are a member of. So now I'm trying to send one from my main blog. Hopefully you'll get this one :)

Hey yeah i never got any messages previously about anything? was there stuff you would like to talk about etc? Sorry i never got anything prior to this one!

posted 1 week ago

이천원 - 서울이 싫어졌어 (I hate Seoul) MV


#이천원 더워 이제 더워 땡벌

11th April 2014

2000 Won Debut Mini Album Showcase!

Finally these boys will bring out their much anticipated album~ I can’t wait :D